Banoffee pie

I remember watching Love Actually and in one scene Keira Knigtley gets Andrew Lincoln 2 pieces of pie, one of which is banoffee pie. That was the first time i heard it and was curious about what it was! Then one day, my best friend told me that her favorite ice cream flavor is banoffee from Haagen Dazs, that’s a second time in a very short time! So, when I was at the university, one of our professor told me that when he was studying at England he learned how to make this incredible delicious pie that was so easy to make, once you got all the ingredients! He told me the recipe and i tried the same week for the birthday of my best friend! It was and absolute disaster and never consider it again… until this year!

I don’t know why i messed a general easy to make recipe! And trust me, once you make it and get it as a dessert at a dinner party, never reveal the simplicity of making such a pie!


A pack of butter biscuits


A can of sweeten concentrated milk

2 ripe bananas

200 ml heavy cream

Icing sugar


Crash the biscuits to fine powder either by hand (chunks won’t matter) or by a blender.

Use a spring-form cake tin and combine the crumbles with enough milk to make a paste. It has to be firm and sticky. Place it in the oven for 10 minutes until baked to be firm and not crumbled when touched!

Let it aside to cool down and lets work on the cream filling of our pie! One ingredient, dulce de leche otherwise sweeten milk boiled to the point of caramelize.

Now it’s up to your point to decide which of the two known ways to go for your recipe.

Way number one: Get 5 or 6 cans of sweeten milk, place them in a pan filled with water and slow boiled them for 5-6 hours in a very low heat and watch that water is always above the cans. This way you have dulce de leche for a period of 6 months, in stock. Downside, you have to keep an eye for long period of time on the cans, otherwise if too hot it will boom!

Way number two: In a pan, slow boil directly the milk but attention you have to be stirring the whole way with minimum heat because if you got bored and decide to speed things up you get a) burned milk on the bottom of the pan and b) lava waves that will burn the hell out of your hands and anything near the pan. Constantly stirring until the milk becomes firm and can separate from the walls of the pan.

Other way the milk now must be brown custard really sticky and smell like caramel. If it’s not firm, you have done something wrong and your pie will become liquify and ruin the dessert! Be sure to place the custard on the crust of the smashed cookies!

Now, slice the bananas in to thin pieces to fill the top of the pie circularly. you can use whatever number of bananas you like, as long as it fully covers the top. Slice the thick, as you like, as long as you have enough to fully cover the pie!

Let it cool off on the fridge and prepare your whip cream. Place the heavy cream with 4 full tablespoon of icing sugar on the blender. or you can hand whip it. you know the whipping cream is ready when firm and that if you flip the bowl, the cream must stay in place. Don’t over stir it or it will become like butter!

Place the whipped cream on top of the slice bananas and voila, Banoffee pie!

Please, enjoy!



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