Easiest dessert ever!

I have expressed my dislike about not doing everything from scratch, especially if there are easy things to do but this dessert is the most trust worthy and easy to prepare and it always makes other wonder!

Millefeuille, is a very expensive dessert if you go to your local patisserie and buy it for a visit. So, why not impress others by making it yourself?

All you need are powder for crème patisserie (the suggested amount of milk), At super markets there are small puff pastry biscuits (1 box), 250 gr. heavy cream and 3 tbsp icing sugar!

Very simple but very tasty!

Cut in half of the puff biscuits and lay the bottom of a pan ( or any kitchen hold item you like!). Make the crème patisserie either by recipe or just buy the powder that you have to mix with milk. While it is still warm, with the help of a spoon, pour the cream on top of the biscuits. Then lay another dose of the biscuit and pour the second dose of the cream. Let is rest on the fridge until the dessert becomes firm and jelly!

Whip the heavy on a mixer with the icing sugar until it becomes stiff whipping cream. Take the dessert out of the fridge and place carefully the whipped cream on top. Sprinkle any remains of the puff pastry crushed with some icing sugar!

Please enjoy the best, most easiest dessert ever!

Also, you can just double the ingredients for a larger pan, like I did!


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