Nutella rice krispie balls

So as always, i like to keep my ideas for desserts fresh by constantly looking at pinterest and be inspired by other people!

I like to browse at beautiful pictures of desserts and try to make them for my friends! my family, not totally digging my obsession with desserts but i think it’s the most fall feeling thing in the world!

I once tries nutella rice krispy treats and failed miserably by the looks of the dessert and even my niece and nephew couldn’t eat it so i felt sad because it had so much potential. Plus, i didn’t know what to do with the rest rice krispie, i never met any one actually eat that for breakfast.

So, since my last attempt to create cake balls i saw this image and my hope was up!

I can proudly say they last less than 24 hours! I made them as a gift and kept enough for my husband and that was all!

All you will need is

2 tbsp butter

1 tbs spoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup nutella

1 package of marshmallow


Melt all the above in a stirring pan and add 3 cups of rice krispies you will get a sticky mess. I let it cool off a bit but not too much so that i could make them into small balls. It hurts at some times, because it’s like molding caramel, but if you don’t shape them will they are still hot, you will not get the size right.

Melt 300 gr of dark chocolate and insert the balls to cover them with chocolate. Let them aside to cool naturally, i let them a whole night! You can sprinkle stuff above! I shred brazilian nut on most of them, just something to add a zing!

Hope you enjoy them !


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