I was browsing the internet the other night and wanted to look around for a recipe for a bread that i can make the dough from the previous night so that in the morning i would have something ready, just to pop it in the oven and be ready!

So, i found a recipe from a company that makes yeast here in Greece and it suppose to make an easy recipe for brioche. I first tried brioche in Paris when I was 18 and i couldn’t understand what I was eating. It was like bread but more sweet and more fluffy  and I could eat it forever. So delicious! This is an interpretation of the recipe. I used 2 special pans for the baking, I was very altered as far as the shape i would give my bread and I decided to try them in a pan!

You will need

3/4 cup lukewarm water
instant yeast ( a package)
1/2 tsp salt
4 eggs
1/4 cup golden syrup
190 gr. melted unsalted butter
3 3/4  cups all purpose flour

This are the pans that I greased and used for my bread. I made the mixture by hand, by folding all the ingredients together and letting them rest for 2 hours. Then I air shield them and let the bawl in the fridge for the rest of the night. At least 8 hours and I got this result

I made 6 balls with two spoons very gently because the thing is not abuse the dough since it has made bubbles!

I let the bowls for almost 2 hours to rise in a warm place and bake them for 40 minutes in 180 Celsius.

Let them cool off in a rack because it will create moisture and it won’t be so fluffy!

After they were completely cool i place them in airtight containers and got them ready for today’s breakfast! They were yummy with nuttela and strawberry jam!


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