PIzza Dough from scratch…

In our family as a kid, if we rarely wanted pizza we would get either in an Italian restaurant or get a frozen one from the super market. Now that I am married, we used to buy frozen one and we had at least 3 of them in the freezer just in case.
We have eaten so much junk food as students with my husband that I’m pretty sure, our stomachs are not in the best condition! So whenever we tried to eat one, we would get stomach burns, mainly I would like to blame the cheese.
So, one of my first efforts to create pizza was to get the frozen pre-baked bases. Then, we tried a pre-made base from a bakery. But it wasn’t right. Then, when I tried to make one, i just bought a flour mix from the super market that you just add water but it was awful.
I searched the web and after many horrible attempts and was just about to give up I found the holy grail of pizza dough!The best and simplest recipe!

500 gr flour for bread
350 ml temper water
1 pack of dry yeast
1 pinch of sugar
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp poppy seeds(optional) i love poppy seeds!!!

Mix the water with the yeast. Let it foam for 5 minutes and add the olive oil.
Place all dry ingredients in a bowl and just add in portion the liquid. Sometimes i use all the liquid but normally when the dough feel right and is flexible stop adding the liquid!
let it rest until double it’s size. The longest the better ! 1 hour minimum.
Half the dough in two, and roll it open in a round shape!
I personally dust the pans with corn flour just to make the bottom of the pizza crunchy!
If the ends are not covering the bottom full, just aid yourself and make it work!!!!
The dough is enough for 2 medium size pans like in the pictures!


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