Coconut candy

As always, I found a chocolate candy that has all my favorite ingredients! Tomorrow is the birthday of my sister in law and I already baked the banana chocolate cake that she liked very much but I also found this recipe that I loved and most importantly for me, has the sign of approval from my husband that i have to beg just to taste my recipes!
3 cups of shredded coconut ( i use coconut flakes that i finely chopped)
1 can of dulce de leche
roasted almonds
250 gr. of dark chocolate

No much of preparation, mix the coconut with the dulce de leche and leave it in the fridge for half an hour until it has became a well combined mix
Cut with the help of a spoon a round bit and flat it with your finger, place an almond on the center and form round little balls
this amount of ingredients made 30 balls
Let them cool in the fridge for an hour so that they won’t fall apart when you deep them in the melted chocolate.
Careful, with the help of two forks deep them in chocolate and let them freeze normally, it’s winter!
Enjoy them!


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