Chocolate chip buttermilk scones!!!

One day, at Starbucks, they had something between a shortbread in the form of a scone and the barista asked me if I wanted heated. i said, yes, why not? I thought it was a flat cake, or a big cookie! It was a bit solid but i liked the flavor.
So, after i made once a shortbread, i understood that it was not a shortbread! I saw then a picture of a scone and had to give it a try!
I tried for the first time this recipe as in the first time to make scones and it was delicious! At first i thought i made some mistake in the execution because my original idea was that I just made a big portion cookie but it’s not quite hard but a bit soft and not fluffy like a cake!
It has a very unique texture and just appropriate for the morning coffee or tea because it’s not terribly sweet to be considered  a dessert! You can’t eat alone, but it compliments 100% a beverage.



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