Peach Cobbler

I’m pretty sure that since I’ve never traveled in another continent except Europe, i had no idea how some things taste or look like. My sole educator are movies and tv shows! And let’s not forget beautiful pictures!!! (not like mine…)
So, this Christmas, although I’m the youngest daughter, i had to make Christmas Lunch for my small size family and my completely judgmental parents that I can’t never please culinary! They don’t like the same things, even in desserts and I always hear bad things. If they like something i made, they never say it to me, only to strangers! Like this year, they never said they enjoy the meal, in fact they never said anything! So, silence is a form of approving!
The other day, my father noticed that i made a lot of chocolate desserts and simply stated that he doesn’t like brown thing in desserts (that is translated as in chocolate) and my mother doesn’t like white desserts that is translated in all desserts that don’t have chocolate)!
So, I remember that due to their ages, they prefer having fruits after meals and their interpretation of fruits are canned fruits, like peaches! Like we live in cold climate, where fresh fruits are hard to find! For heaven’s sake, we live in a sunny island that is never freezing cold and have access in fresh fruit and vegetables, all year long!
We watched a tv show the other night ( i can’t remember which of the 40 tv show we are currently watching) and they mention peach cobbler! I love the idea and searched the internet for recipes! I couldn’t find a “normal” picture of what i was suppose to look like, so i just mixed the ingredients and made a try! As, I’m pretty sure have said, but some won’t believe, I don’t believe that fruits in desserts are called desserts! A fruit doesn’t belong in a dessert and that’s the end of it! Sure, they made nice additions, but that’s it! In conclusion, never tasted my dessert, but the rest people said they liked it because it was not sweet but had just the right consistency! Please, try for your self and tell me your opinion!
2 cans of peaches
2 cups of sugar
2 cups of milk
2 cups of self raising flour
250 gr. of butter

Just melt the butter and pour it at the end of the baking pan. Mix all the ingredients, except the cans and pour them in the pan. Slice the peaches into pieces and and them to the pan with the syrup . Try to through them as apart as you can, because mine as you can see, ended up all in the middle!
Bake that at 180 degrees for 45 minutes! Try the trick with the toothpick to check if the center of the pan is cooked! If not, leave it under consideration and check it regularly until it come’s clean!



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