Cruller (bread like)

I am not even sure how to name this recipe! It is very traditional in my country to eat them as a snack on the streets, or schools! You can find them everywhere! It’s not a bagel, it’s just bread! with sesame!
But very traditional and tasty!
For 10 cruller you will need
3 tbsp bread yeast
250 ml tepid water
2 tbsp sugar
650 gr all purpose flour
1 large egg
2 tbsp olive oil
100 ml fresh full fat milk
1 tsp salt

for covering them
1½ cup sesame
⅓ cup molasses watered down in ¼ cup of water

You have to follow the instructions so that the little breads can become a success!
Mix the yeast, in the large bowl that you will knit the dough, with 2 tbsp of the water and press mix it with your fingers until it becomes a paste and then add carefully with this order the sugar, the rest of the water, the flour, the egg, the oil, the warm like milk and the salt. The salt is killing the yeast and must not make any contact directly! Knit the dough until it becomes a flexy dough and leave it to rest until doubles it’s size(for about an hour in a warm environment).
When the dough is ready, part it in ten pieces and make a long strand that you will roll in half and twist to create the shape as in the picture! when you will have the 10 little breads you will have to toast the sesame until it becomes darker in color but be careful not to burn it! Place the sesame in a bowl and the liquid in another and bathe each dough first with the liquid and then with sesame. Bake them for 20 minutes, in a preheated oven in 200 degrees and then let them cool in the racks. Unfortunately, they are not tasty when they leave the oven so be patient and wait to cool down! They don’t last long, you have to eat them the same day! Not very difficult, at all! Accompany them with cheese and olives!


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