French Croissant

This is the real deal! Since I always have time to kill at home and baking is all about time, I decided to make the epitome of french pastry! Last time I ate the real deal was when one of my best french friend came for a visit from Paris and got me frozen ones, ready for the oven!
All the recipes I checked, stated that is really difficult to make and here is the shortcut! But, if you are reading my blog, you know I hate shortcuts! So, the best recipe I found all across the internet (ok, for the whole time I checked google), this is the one!
I love the explanations and the tons of photos! My husband doesn’t help me take any photos so this is why all my photos are amateur photos, with a very realist background of my kitchen! The thing I like most about baking, is the rules and the measurements! You have to do as you are told! it’s not cooking, it’s the details! For example the main reason people are not interested in making croissants at home is the 3 day period and they expect to make similar products by cutting steps! I made mine, without taking any liberties and had no problem out all! Hey, the only problem was that they were gone in less that 24 hours and I saved only one before my husband ate it to take it a picture!
He said that they were ok and it wasn’t worth the trouble to wait 3 day but he ate them almost all and I loved them, so trust me it was worth it! The ingredients are not expensive, the total preparation time is not much, just the dough has to stay at fridge a lot but I thing it takes less than an hour combined the three days. Trust me, they are to die for!This is the flaky, delicious buttery croissants. Not the one that are like a brioche. They are nice, don’t get me wrong but they are not divine! It’s been a while since I got this excited about a recipe!
and the one and only….


One thought on “French Croissant

  1. wow, these look wonderful. I have always been afraid to try to make croissants, glad to hear you had such success!

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