Coconut my love

I think I have ans obsession and I can’t hide it anymore! I love coconut! All things related! My sister hates it, she says that it reminds her of tourists on the beach but I don’t mind!
The only coconut food related as a child I know, was shredded coconut used in some kind of cakes that nobody ate, but it was the 80’s. It was an all white puffy cake with red cherries like this almost…
I saw it last year in a bakery and i got it and it was soggy and very sweet but ah, sweet nostalgia!
This is currently my coconut products, I forgot to put in my coconut extract that I was super happy I found! But also, I ‘m too lazy to take a picture again for one item! Especially for a blog piece, I’m pretty sure none else will read!
I like it because I can make gluten free things, vegan things and tasty things!
I want to explain the products a little and their various uses! We have:
Shredded Coconut: Typically used in desserts and it normally is unsweetened. It’s what you get in bounty bars (yam!) Only use I can think is in desserts!
Coconut Palm sugar 2 ways, compact and in grinds: I use it as normal sugar, in my coffee mostly because it tastes like burnt caramel and cinnamon but my husbands says it tastes just like caramel. Very healthy substitute of cane sugar, very expensive in my case to use it instead of regular sugar because I have to order it from the US. If you live in a country that you happen to find it in your local store a) I envy you and b) grab it just to taste it! I guarantee you will love it! The whole pieces are from Thailand and you can grind them at home! It’s the way they are stored and made!
Coconut Oil: To substitute butter, preferred in recipes that want vegetable oil. It has not a smell of coconut though. In winter, like now it becomes rock solid into a white block. In warmer times, it becomes a transparent liquid that is more manageable. Some women buy it to use it in cosmetic recipes, it’s great for hair and facial masks but I prefer it cooked.
Coconut Flour: Last year I discovered that you can make coconut flour, like almond meal. It’s basically dehydrated shredded coconut powder. Very difficult for me to make it at home, but there are sites that can show you how to make at home, if you have the right tools. I haven’t found a recipe that you can make this gluten free flour vegan, because with this specific texture you are needing a lot of eggs to fluff it up in recipes. Great bread banana with this flour! Super tasty and moist!
Coconut Flakes : More like shredded coconut, if in a mixer will become one! Usually used for decoration but very tasty in smoothies for a thicker texture! I prefer them unsweetened…
Coconut cream : A thicker substance than coconut milk, used in desserts and soup!
Coconut milk : Substitute for milk, great in all vegan recipes (don’t like soy milk) and great taste, again not like coconut!
Coconut bar : Here, as a kid you could get this candy everywhere! High is sugar syrup and shredded coconut! Found healthier recipes to make it at home, but this one is already made and packed… Love it!
Coconut Vinegar : Very subtle flavor of light vinegar, perfect for fresh vegetable salads!
Coconut Extract : Ideal for desserts! Just very few drops can make desserts taste like coconut!


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