Profiterole (choux à la crème)

I was so lazy in translating this recipe from November, I just needed a little push! So, here you have it! Very high rate success I must say! Made a few optical mistakes, next time I will be careful! Let’s get this going!
For the choux dough we are going to need:
125 gr. milk
125 gr. water
110 gr. butter
5 gr. salt (1 pinch)
5 gr. sugar (1 pinch)
140 gr. flour
5 eggs

In a pot we worm the milk with the water, butter, salt and sugar. Just before they start to boil, we whisk vigorously the flour before it becomes a blob with a wooden spoon. We place the dough in a bowl to cool down and cover it with a towel so it won’t dry out. In our mixer we place the dough and with the paddle we add the eggs one at a time, until they are fully incorporated to the mixer. We preheat the oven in 200 degrees and add a rice paper for our choux, so that they won’t stick! I have no skill with a pipping bag, (as you will see), so i had a help of 2 spoons. My first mistake in this recipe, I used tablespoons and I end up with big chouxs. Bake them for 30-40 minutes until golden brown. Do not open the oven during the baking and don’t use the air function, they will be deformed.
For the cream (Crème patisserie)
350 gr. fresh milk
150 gr. heavy cream
80 gr. sugar
1 egg
3 egg yolks
40 corn flour
1 vanilla pod
Again, in a pot, we boil the milk with the heavy cream and the vanilla pod, cut in half so that the seeds will be dropped into the milk. We combine the rest of the ingredients and as the mixture is boiling we add 1/3 of the egg mixture and whisk, while on fire! We add slowly the whole mixture and whisk until we have a fully togethered cream! We place the cream in a bowl to cool off and cover it, without any air, so the the cover is touching the cream otherwise it will develop a crust on top. Like this!
Both the cream and the choux must be cold before handling them! To fluff the cream, just whisk it a bit before using it. Again, no skills with piping bag, I cut the choux and with the help of a spoon, I filled with the cream! If more skilled, insert the cream into the piping bag and fill it carefully!
Place the bowls in the fridge (mine not so pretty but I had no others to place my gigantic chouxs) while preparing the chocolate cream!
For the ganache
250 gr. chocolate, cut in small pieces
200 gr. milk
50 gr. heavy cream
60 gr. butter
like a normal ganache, except with a little butter to shine it up! Boil the milk with the cream. Place it off the fire and add the chocolate with the butter to melt! Whisk with a spoon so that the chocolate will shine and become beautiful, also it will help the temperature to cool of more easily!
When the sauce is not warm but manageable, pour it into the balls and serve the dessert with rosettes of whipped cream. Again, no skills with the piping bags, but had to…
Please, enjoy!


One thought on “Profiterole (choux à la crème)

  1. I like your idea of putting them in bowls. It’s actually quite different to usual – which I think is great when you have people over for dinner.

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