Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

I was wondering the other day, if there are raw desserts that are not vegan and my brother told me that can happen, only if someone is using honey instead of agave or maple syrup! I, personally am a fan of golden syrup. So I substitute it with everything I read that has syrup!
I don’t like dates (or plums) since I’m confessing so whenever I read recipes that the crust have dates, I don’t give them a second read. I noticed a consistency regarding the outlay of the desserts and if I manage to comprehend the analogy, I can create my raw desserts!
I found this recipe at pinterest and it had hazelnut, that is my favorite nuts!



I decided to use a muffin pan for creating 12 individual portions and they were gone in one day! Very tasty, a bit heavy for my taste! One cheesecake is enough per person


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