Falafel (gluten free)

This one is a safe and proofed recipes that I’ve been making for a couple of years, polite courtesy of my brother!
It’s much more an imagination recipe than a strict recipe!
You have to put almost half a kilo of dried chickpeas the night before on a bowl with enough water to fully cover them.
Must have items
Chickpea flour (gram flour)
Any kind of spices you prefer!!!
Drain the chickpeas and put them in a food processor to pulse. Then add the onion with the parsley until a chunky mix is created!
Add to the mixture the flour and of course your spices, try and add garlic powder all kind of spicy things! Don’t forget the salt!
Keep adding little by little the flour until the consistency of the mixture is not falling apart but is not also thick. You have to have a falafel scoop for more consistence results.
You want your falafel to be the same size, not only because of the pretty of things but for the proper cooking!
I bought mine for ebay, tiny mistake, I didn’t know that there were size and I bought the smallest one…
I usually use 2 frying pans, because it takes at least one hour of frying this quantity but it is worth it!
When the oil is hot, place the falafels into the pan and fry!
Keep on one size until golden brown and then turn them on the other side for the same result!
You will end up like this!
As a family, my husband eats them with julienne vegetable (carrot, cucumber, onions), tomatoes, arugula and mustard in a pita bread.
My version is the same except I use a lettuce leaf instead of the pita bread and I usually have mango chutney.
The final thought is, to make it fresh and be creative and eat as you like!
Please enjoy! (p.s. my photo is crap, I know…)


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