Strawberry Extract

So, I had my uncle coming for a visit the other day and I had baked 2 different kind of dozens of cookies for him since he is a chef and I wanted his opinion. But he brought my cousin and her children and he got a chance to taste only one cookie…
He brought me strawberries from his garden. Than means organic bio etc all things good. I don’t like fruits, I try really hard to incorporate fruits in my desserts but I don’t like them!My pediatrician used to tell my mother to at least let me drink fruit juices to get any kind of vitamins. Since then, I always drink juices, without pulp of course.
Last year I discovered I liked smoothies! I found a couple of recipes, (not creative enough) and made them for my husband and I! I discovered I like mango, strawberries, banana, pineapple and few others. Don’t like anything with pits. Whatever! If I don’t clean and prepare the food, my husband won’t eat any healthy thing! His mama taught he that!Can’t change a 32 year old man. So, since I don’t want anything to go to waste, I decided to make a very easy and simple strawberry extract/ syrup thingy!
The recipe says, in a pan to boil 1/2 a kilo of strawberries cut in 4 with 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of sugar. After it starts to bubble, get a cheese cloth and drain the liquid and place it back on the pan.
Let it reduce the liquid by boiling it slowly.
As you can see, it get’s really little quantity! It smells divine! How much strawberry syrup does 2 people need? It’s for food people!
It has the most dark red color I have ever seen and without any “outside” help!
You have to leave it for a couple of hours to cool completely and them “supposedly” it lasts for 2 month on the fridge. It’s summer, get yogurt ice cream and pour it over!
Hope you enjoy it!


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