It’s a hot day today! Everyone, according to my fb is out at the beach, on vacations and doing fine and I’m fixing my kitchen area while trying different recipes I locate googling the ingredients I have in my selves!
I had bought a bag of glutinous rice flour for future use and now is the future!
I found the recipe here and the dessert turn out exactly as the pictures!
I didn’t have sweet rice flour, so I mixed regular rice flour with powder sugar…
It’s delicious and has a very nice texture!


2 thoughts on “Espasol

  1. Have you made any other baked goods with such as bread with rice flour and other gluten free flours? I have been wanting to know how to use them well to make healthier alternatives

    1. Mostly I use it in desserts and when I fry things, like chicken or fish instead of ap flour. In my mind gf are for better digestion and a bit healthier! I have some recipes for bread with rice flour but I don’t know any gluten intolerant people to make it… But you can check more eastern cuisines that use it in various doughs!

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