Sweet Potatoes Fries

Have I told you that I didn’t used to eat vegetables ? Or refused to eat green “healthy thingies” because I remember vaguely when I was a child, some of my mother’s attempts to cook strange things!
I had eaten eggplants only one way as a child and i refused to taste them until 5 years ago! My mom is a horrible cook with no imagination because my grandmother used to be the best cook ever! I know, all grandmothers are supposed to be great cooks but she really was! i can’t remember eating anything from her that I didn’t like. Any way, sweet potatoes. Not a potato apparently! Shocking fact, I know! I told my friends i bake them, some don’t even know them others know them, never tasted them so i want to experiment with them to present them to my narrow circle of friends for something tasty and different! Not so common to find them but I did! I browsed around and some techniques for having them fied, some seemed ridiculous, heavy and unnecessary. I looked some pictures of them and they looked like normal fries. So I will tell you a very successful way to fry them!
First, I took 2 large sweet potatoes and peel them. I decided to cut them on a board.
If this is your first time, the texture is between a carrot and apples! A bit light and nothing like a potato! Apparently, we have to soak them for approximately 2 hours in cold water.
Second potato, same technique, different size!
Next step, drain them in a paper towel, a fistful at a time, no more! Fill a pot with vegetable oil (in my case olive oil, it’s ours we have plenty) and let it burn a bit. When the temperature of the oil is high, fry the fist of potatoes for exactly 6 minutes!
Have a plate with paper towel to drain the potatoes! repeat until the end of them! It took me about an hour to fry them all! Very tiring and very hot!
But worth it! we liked them, entirely different from regular potatoes and after a while when they got cold they lost their crispiness but that didn’t stop us! We ate them with burgers!
Try something different next time


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