Homemade Snickers dessert thingy

My very good and pregnant friend has a husband that loves my desserts, he talks about my desserts to his friends and since I want to please him, I looked and made his favorite candy bar, snickers!
I looked around and finally pinterest showed me the way and I found the recipe here
I have 2 remarks only, I didn’t know what marshmallow fluff was so I had to make it by myself. Very easy made, as far as process is concerned (recipe here) if you follow the instructions exactly as written, it’s pastry not cooking!
IMAG0589I don’t have so many tools, so I kept washing them over and over to use them! but look, all fluffy and white!
My next problem was my pan, didn’t have the right size so I ended up with a very rich (super tasty) nougat layer.
Other than that, my main problem is that it will not last 24 hours. Already, it’s half gone….
If it lasts long enough, needs fridge, don’t leave it outside, even if it’s cold!


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