Martha Washighton candy

First post this year I think! Yeah for me! My husband decided that I make a lot of things that makes him fat and i had to turn it down a bit, like I only made this recipe once this January (and I made it as my Christmas gift to friends as well!)
It is an absolutely smash! I didn’t believe it how many people liked it and how quickly this babies were gone! Of course I found the recipe on Pinterest
I’m trying recipes from the south (of America of course) and I must say I like them very much, a bit heavy for my taste (and our cuisine) but so different and yummy!
I will write my comments on ingredients though,
500 gr flaked coconut (not sweet)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 cups of powdered sugar
250 gr unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1 cup of chopped pecans (tried walnuts one time, not the same thing!)
This are all the ingredients I used except the chocolate that is a completely different thing! One cup of chopped pecans are a perfect ratio because after tasting it nothing overpowers the taste, you will not taste more coconut than pecans or vice versa.
(Notice the Greek labels?) You mix all the ingredients in a bowl and after the liquid is being absorbed and every thing looks gooey place it overnight to the fridge. In the morning it will be a bit solid and afterwards you can take a teaspoon and roll an small amount of the mixture into a small ball. Literally handmade!
I liked the quantity for the amount of ingredients, very thoughtful and not so expensive as a treat for bringing them but so tasty! the chocolate for making them is I would think about 500 gr of chocolate. I made it in two doses, my kitchen is freezing during winter and so imagine, I rolled the balls and dipped half of them in chocolate at once, they didn’t melt or changed shaped. Normally i would think, that after forming them you would place them on the fridge to firm them, but no! So I put the chocolate on bain-marie, you know what this is, yes? My bowl is not so big but i prefer putting the chocolate in small doses otherwise it solidifies and when trying to reheat already melted chocolate it is not pretty! I didn’t use any shortening in my chocolate, so it is only that, stirred a couple of times! I put one ball at a time with 2 forks and left it to dry! So cold that by the time I made the last one, the firsts were ready to go!
So try it if you are coconut lovers like me! Please, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Martha Washighton candy

  1. Excellent! My grandmother made these every Christmas…in Virginia, the American South, and yes, so heavy and rich, but a once-a-year treat! Her version had a maraschino cherry in the center OR a pecan half on top, but no coconut or chopped nuts. Thanks for posting!

    1. Aw, so nice, I will try it with the cherry next time! thanks for the tip, as you can see I live at the other side of the world, so the internet is my guide!

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