Pinwheel cookies, hazelnut cream and whoopie pies!

So, last month I decided to have my parents for lunch (they don’t do dinner) and they were going to stay for coffee, so made 3 kind of desserts to have their pick! Normal people don’t fuzz about having their parents over but we are not normal people. They criticize everything, you can’t satisfy them with anything. My mom loves chocolate, my dad loves vanilla so always my desserts have to be something in between. You can never tell!
So I made pinwheel cookies, I understood my mistake the moment they saw them! It had to do with the wrong color and probably they would be enjoy by children due to them be pretty and not so complicated flavor-wise!
They turn out a lot so we got stuck eating them for many days, since and I quote my father said “what are those? they look disgusting!” IMAG0724 I think, they look beautiful! and was very hard to make them, not hard per say, but they definitely evolved plenty of time!My only complain was that I used two different kind of sugar pearls, and half of them melted during cooking (you can tell by the pictures).
I made whoopie pies, for the first time! I love them, i put nutella in half of them and the other peanut butter! I like the nutella ones better, but please! there was nutella!
I don’t have the whoopie pan, so I just scoot them with a spoon and tried to make them the same size! Didn’t touch them, too brown was the verdict!
What they ate was a shock for me, I made a vegan dessert with hazelnut milk, a chocolate pudding with toasted hazelnuts on top and coconut whipped cream. It was a risk, I am the only person in my family, including my husband that I love hanzelnuts, and I knew they would reject the dessert, but i was tired and wanted something I would love. Guess what? everybody ate their whole bowl, and that was a large quantity!
If you like any of the recipes, tell me about it!


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