Strawberry Ice cream!

Hi! It’s been a while, I have an almost great excuse for my absence!But, enough about that! So, my husband returned home the other day and brought me a small case of strawberries, that somebody gave them to him. We had just bought some from the supermarket, since they are all over the place and are pretty cheap! Last year, when my uncle gave me a bag from his garden, I made them into an extract/ syrup which was great, and my husband fully ate it!I don’t like fruits! I can stand a few of them, but I seriously dislike enough of them because I hate pits and seeds!You know like there are a million in strawberries! I have a huge problem with melon and I can gag real bad! Imagine the possible fruits (and vegetables) I can’t eat! Figs, and okra. So, I can’t stand a strawberry but not many of them. I had to use them, I don’t want to waste anything, even if it’s free. So, strawberry ice cream it is (and another batch of the strawberry syrup)!
You will need,
3/4 cup full fat milk
3/4 cup heavy cream
2 tsp golden syrup
A big cup of strawberries (you can use as many as you like)

Warm the milk, cream and the syrup in a pan. Smash the strawberries (I used the blender) and add them to the mix! Let it cool completely and use your ice cream maker (20 minutes)! the result is really fruity, not sweet at all, so use more syrup if you want a more sweet flavor. It has nothing to do with the store bought pink ice cream, so I think it’s a smart way for kids to get accustom to a taste more close to the fruit!
As always, Place the container in the fridge like a half an hour before eating it to get it more soft so that you can scoop it nice. Or, before you start eating your meal, place it in the fridge so when you are ready for dessert it will be very easy and not solid!
Very tasty and worth trying it! Enjoy!


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