Just Checking!!!

I have been away for a couple weeks! I’m happy to report the happy news, we are expecting a baby boy in mid November! We were trying for nearly 3 years with great disappointment but finally it happened! Now it safe to say it out loud!  So, more baking breads than desserts, at least now that I have the energy to move a bit. My husband is seriously overprotective due to our previously inability to conceive so if he can get me to stay in our bed until the birth, he would! So, I’m not allowed to bend and pick even a piece of paper… My major problem is not being able to drink my coffee, I love my baby more than coffee and that says a lot. I don’t drink anything carbonated (my problem is more of the Perrier variety than sodas) and I avoid some cheeses and all deli meats. So, I will keep you updated for more in the near future!



3 thoughts on “Just Checking!!!

    1. Εδώ είναι ο γίος μου! Εδω και 2 μήνες κ τρεχω σαν την τρελή! Αλλά τον αγαπώ και δεν τον αλλάζω με τίποτα! Η πρώτη συνταγή που θα κάνω ειναι φλωρεντίνες, γιατί μου τις φέρανε στο μαιευτήριο και είχα βρει μια συνταγή αλλα θα δοκιμάσω την δική σου μου φαίνεται!

      1. Να σου ζησει, να ειναι υγιεις και ευτυχισμενος! Καλο κουραγιο, η κουραση μεγαλη αλλα αξιζει και οσο μεγαλωνει θα ηρεμησετε λιγο

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