A small comeback with a cake!

Banana poppy Seed Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting


It’s been a while! My baby boy is now 10+ months old, life is returning back to normal, except sleep/ Night sleep, day sleep, all kind of sleep… But a day is full! I’ve got baking to do, for my family and mental health! Now, with daily fruit consumption by all with have a large amount of them, especially bananas! Sometimes, they turn brown due to high temperature or just because we buy them by the dozen. So, a banana cake again! But this cake was gone in less than 24 hours. The frosting was still running when my husband wanted a piece,



The next morning was nicer, by still so tasty! I got the recipe from here! My only input is the frosting, mine turned out runny (my fault, more milk than necessary) and it didn’t firm enough in the fridge, so be careful!




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