Nut Butters

So, I made a simple and honest mistake during Christmas time! I don’t drive, so I have to depend on others to get somewhere or even get my groceries! So, I texted a small list with various nuts to my father, to get for me. I was cheap, not going to lie, so I send him minimum instructions. I wanted to be a little more “healthy” so I told him at the end of the text, all the above are raw and unsalted. I simply meant unsalted, for nibbling reasons! Guess what, they were horrible! I got like 1 pound of peanuts that were bitter and inedible, for me at least!. So, i just thought, I’ll bake them and make peanut butter. So, I roasted them, I cleaned them from their peel (one by one, I may add). I had no idea because of the peel if they were done, so of course I overcooked them a bit. Not much, a bit! So, I put them on my blender and simply add some salt. Not much, a pinch. I made a full big jar. It’s a nice full-taste peanut butter.
Again,the next day i thought, hum, I have 2 cups of pistachio. I looked it up and guess again! You can make butter from all nuts! I found a recipe stating to simply add 2 tsp lemon juice and 2 tsp oil to the pistachio. I didn’t noticed the part about the oil, until after I stored the pistachio butter… Ops!
So I decided to do exactly the same with the pistachio as my peanuts. They were roasted, didn’t smell as roasted peanuts did and i couldn’t for the life of me get them to peel. So I said, who cares! I had a real hard time to grind them (because of the lack of oil) but in the end, I had a really small jar of this butter! Not smooth though. My “good butter” because it’s very expensive (check the prices)!



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