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Why has anyone informed women that there is a new and special kind of love after you’ve given birth? I never understood all the articles about motherhood and selfless love but now i do. I can wake up after a 2 hour sleep, with red trimmed eyes and a big smile in my face. I haven’t had coffee in 11 months, and I love coffee, coffee was my life. And now, I’m counting down the day for my next sip, but I’m more in love with my son. He is my life and my world and my everything and I had doubts about being a good mom, I thought I lacked maternal instinct (like my mom) but it turns out I don’t. I love him more than anything, I was the thinking, as I was breastfeeding him, that if he grew up and told that he killed a man, I would still love him the same. I’m sleep deprived so my thoughts are not exactly normal!


I returned 2 days ago from my first trip to central Europe, I went with my brother to visit my sister! I felt like a child with money! We visited Germany and Austria as well!
For someone on a diet, I sure bought a lot of candy! Somethings that i knew and loved and haven’t had for a while and some new yummies!
This is what they gave us in the airplane!
Then I ate Currywurst in Germany, very tasty!
And this is what I brought home!
Very nice country, very expensive, especially if you are unemployed like me! And finally, very cold!


Hello people of the internet! I have no idea when is thanksgiving, pinterest is full of pumpkin flavor everything! I have never tasted pumpkin and I don’t know how a vegetable is so loved and have so many things flavored as coffee!
Here the weather is still warm, I made a really ugly Amish bread (supposedly) but tasty!
It was supposed to be 2 cute loaves but they fluffed up a bit and completely changed the shape.
What else? We played backgammon with my husband yesterday, haven’t done than for a couple of years!
In general, we live in a very stressful time in our life and we need to keep calm. Baking helps my mind to think of other things, so I will try to bake more!

It’s being a while…

I just noticed that while I’ m cooking non stop, I haven’t written in a while. Perhaps is the lack of photos and the serious mistakes I keep making. Like last night, I was making some chocolate tartlets and I forgot to cook the cream so I had the tart shells with chocolate cream that had 5 raw eggs in and I thought I was done! It was 2 and a half in the morning, sure but it was until this morning that I understood my mistake. I keep making recipes wrong, recipes that I have previously made perfectly and now, puf!
I think I may have lost my will to create through baking. It will come back, it’s just a phase I’m in probably, a little blue and so.
I promise, I will come back with a vengeance!