Indian – Mexican Fusion

We recently went for a mandatory trip at Athens (due to our master degree) and catch up with some friends. Since it’s rare for us to go out for dinner, they gave us a choice between Indian or Mexican restaurant . We ended up on the Indian one, for some tikka masala but they suggested it in a naan bread type of pita, like a burrito with vegetables and a yogurt-mint sauce to ease up the fire that we had upon consuming it. My lips were numb at on point and had lost some of my taste buds. They returned soon after but it was good. The naan was huge and could held all the ingredients inside.
So, I decided to make something similar, using a tortilla type pita. I found a doable, simple recipe online
2 cups ap flour, 3/4 cup tepid milk, 1 tsp salt and 2 tbsp butter. Mix them all to get a dough, (for some exciting reason, they were perfect in proportion, I used all the milk and was fine!) and I personally weigh in 8 equal pieces, to get 8 tortillas, the size of a large plate. I heat up my biggest non stick frying pan and I was opening one tortilla while the other was baking. They are baked very quickly and they stay limp !Once, i tried another recipe and I ended up with pitas that where stiff and were cracking if you tried to fold them .
I continued grilling with my chicken thighs. I had marinated them in mild curry sauce, onion powder, garlic powder and ginger powder. I drizzled some olive oil and left them all morning in the fridge. I grilled them and they were very juicy! I continued with cleaning and chopping carrots, cucumbers and green peppers julienne.
I chopped a tomato for my husband ( I hate them and I couldn’t touch them, but learned to for my baby boy) and some lettuce. As a sauce to combine them all I used plain Greek yogurt. They were delicious, although I have a few observations. I didn’t had any tikka masala spice mix, so it was a lot milder with only the curry spices. All those vegetables took the heat away and it wasn’t spicy at all. If you ate a bite of the chicken alone, it was spicy but as a whole, was pretty mild. This dish, doesn’t need any rice or potatoes to fill full. It’s pretty cheap and can be seen as fajitas for a dinner with friends, were everyone can make their own.
So, enjoy! No photos of the end result, cause my baby awoke in the middle of the preparations!


Pinwheel cookies, hazelnut cream and whoopie pies!

So, last month I decided to have my parents for lunch (they don’t do dinner) and they were going to stay for coffee, so made 3 kind of desserts to have their pick! Normal people don’t fuzz about having their parents over but we are not normal people. They criticize everything, you can’t satisfy them with anything. My mom loves chocolate, my dad loves vanilla so always my desserts have to be something in between. You can never tell!
So I made pinwheel cookies, I understood my mistake the moment they saw them! It had to do with the wrong color and probably they would be enjoy by children due to them be pretty and not so complicated flavor-wise!
They turn out a lot so we got stuck eating them for many days, since and I quote my father said “what are those? they look disgusting!” IMAG0724 I think, they look beautiful! and was very hard to make them, not hard per say, but they definitely evolved plenty of time!My only complain was that I used two different kind of sugar pearls, and half of them melted during cooking (you can tell by the pictures).
I made whoopie pies, for the first time! I love them, i put nutella in half of them and the other peanut butter! I like the nutella ones better, but please! there was nutella!
I don’t have the whoopie pan, so I just scoot them with a spoon and tried to make them the same size! Didn’t touch them, too brown was the verdict!
What they ate was a shock for me, I made a vegan dessert with hazelnut milk, a chocolate pudding with toasted hazelnuts on top and coconut whipped cream. It was a risk, I am the only person in my family, including my husband that I love hanzelnuts, and I knew they would reject the dessert, but i was tired and wanted something I would love. Guess what? everybody ate their whole bowl, and that was a large quantity!
If you like any of the recipes, tell me about it!

Martha Washighton candy

First post this year I think! Yeah for me! My husband decided that I make a lot of things that makes him fat and i had to turn it down a bit, like I only made this recipe once this January (and I made it as my Christmas gift to friends as well!)
It is an absolutely smash! I didn’t believe it how many people liked it and how quickly this babies were gone! Of course I found the recipe on Pinterest
I’m trying recipes from the south (of America of course) and I must say I like them very much, a bit heavy for my taste (and our cuisine) but so different and yummy!
I will write my comments on ingredients though,
500 gr flaked coconut (not sweet)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
2 cups of powdered sugar
250 gr unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1 cup of chopped pecans (tried walnuts one time, not the same thing!)
This are all the ingredients I used except the chocolate that is a completely different thing! One cup of chopped pecans are a perfect ratio because after tasting it nothing overpowers the taste, you will not taste more coconut than pecans or vice versa.
(Notice the Greek labels?) You mix all the ingredients in a bowl and after the liquid is being absorbed and every thing looks gooey place it overnight to the fridge. In the morning it will be a bit solid and afterwards you can take a teaspoon and roll an small amount of the mixture into a small ball. Literally handmade!
I liked the quantity for the amount of ingredients, very thoughtful and not so expensive as a treat for bringing them but so tasty! the chocolate for making them is I would think about 500 gr of chocolate. I made it in two doses, my kitchen is freezing during winter and so imagine, I rolled the balls and dipped half of them in chocolate at once, they didn’t melt or changed shaped. Normally i would think, that after forming them you would place them on the fridge to firm them, but no! So I put the chocolate on bain-marie, you know what this is, yes? My bowl is not so big but i prefer putting the chocolate in small doses otherwise it solidifies and when trying to reheat already melted chocolate it is not pretty! I didn’t use any shortening in my chocolate, so it is only that, stirred a couple of times! I put one ball at a time with 2 forks and left it to dry! So cold that by the time I made the last one, the firsts were ready to go!
So try it if you are coconut lovers like me! Please, enjoy!

Greek Pitas

As always, I was browsing pinterest and I noticed a recipe for pita bread! It has very few ingredients and I couldn’t believe it that this was actually the recipe. I gave it a shot and I was shocked!It totally works!
My main problem with pitas are that if I buy them from the counter, they have a very strict expiration date and I have thrown out quite a few. If I buy them frozen, they are dry as wood and they break when you try to bend them!
So I made them, and made a Greek souvlaki from scratch! Much cheaper from top to bottom! My husband’s favorite junk food (and unfortunately, food altogether)!

1 packet yeast
1 cup lukewarm water
pinch of salt
2 1/2 -3 cups of ap flour

Like always, mix the water with the yeast. Let it foam for 5 minutes, and then add the flour, salt and the yeast water in the mixer’s bowl! Use 2 1/2 cups of the flour, if still not firm just add little by little. Knead until firm ball forms and let it rest for an hour.
Part the dough in 8 pieces. Use flour to open the dough into a plate like shape with the help of a rolling pin. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Make it flat enough, not thick!Take a napkin and use a few drops of olive oil to brush the pan before using it!Use a skillet or a pan, hot enough. Place the dough in the skillet and wait! In a minute you will see that it will start make bubbles, like pancakes! That’s the cue! Turn to the other side and let it cook for a minute or 2! You can make the 8 disks before a hand or make one while the other one is cooking!Use the same napkin to clean the pan before baking the new pita, because the flour leaves residues and it will burn and blacken the next pita.
In about 30 minutes you will have 8 pitas to use as suited! If you won’t eat them all, place them in freezer because after a couple of hours they are uneatable for my likes!


Soft pretzels

In my house, when it rains, it pours! Either I won’t bake anything for 5 days or I will do everything ib a matter of hours!
My latest obsession is this recipe I found for soft pretzels!
I have made so often the last month, that I learned it by heart! For such a new recipe, it took me no time to learn it! It has to do though that my husband is eating them almost 6 pieces in a day!
What you will need is:
2 packs of dry yeast
2 cups of warm full fat milk
6 tbsp light brown sugar
4 tbsp room temperature butter
5 cups all purpose flour
2 tsp salt

As you have imagined by now, dissolve the yeast in the warm milk, not hot, it will kill the yeast and will not become frothy!
Add the sugar and wait for 5-10 minutes until the yeast is ready! Add the butter and one cup of sifted flour to create a doughy mixture! Add the salt and the the rest of the flour!
The dough must be a bit firm, not very sticky! You can add bit by bit extra flour until you fill the dough silky and firm in your fingers!
Let it rest for an hour, if you poke it, and your fingers imprint stays, then it is ready! Punch down and the divide the dough in 12 parts!My oven in very small and I can cook only 6 pretzels at a time, so put in a pan water and 1/3 cup baking soda and bring it to a boil.
On the same time, give shape to the pretzels, I almost never get the thin pretzels that I supposedly will get as the ones in the pretty pictures, but at least at they are tasty!
Dive the pretzel one at a time for less than a minute to the water and place them on the tray. Leave enough space for it will raise still! sprinkle coarse salt on top if you like! I don’t think it is necessary for this recipe, but try it!
Proceed with 6 at a tray and bake them for 17-18 minutes in high oven! Let them cool and please enjoy!
They are fluffy even the next day for some reason! Fill free to make them also different shapes and use them as buns for sandwich or rolls for dinner!

IMAG0471My pretzels with some cupcakes, I will upload the recipe next! One is missing because I had no patience and I had to eat it! They smell that good!