Ingredients and lifestyle

As I’m living at the end of Europe, I envy most of the ingredients that they use in other parts of the world and I recently discovered that I’m obsessed with coconut products! I should probably have a field day in Thailand! Most of the products I can’t find (but really really want) I’m forced to buy them online and getting ripped off for small amounts but I will die if I can’t taste something that I have only read about it! I try and be creative with alternations of products but I’m sure I can’t never made them taste as the original recipe. For example, in my country, we don’t have sour cream! Big problem, I know, but it kills me that I can’t make bake potatoes with sour cream and chives for my husband… Though I managed to find it in a shop that brings Asian products and European in general, that is how I always have Dr. Pepper in my humble little home! And of course, whenever I travel to the capital I purchase bigger amounts of strange ingredients. First I buy I product that I find fascinating and then I try and figure what the heck am I suppose to do with it!
I’m no vegan, thank god, I love bacon to much! But you will find many recipe created for my big vegan brother and his vegetarian oriented family. My family is more carnivorous, although my sister tried at some point a non white diet! I will cook anything I like, even things I will never eat if it pleases my surroundings. Did I also say I love buttermilk in recipes? It’s coconut and buttermilk all things! If you like this 2 products, you have found a friend for life!


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