Indian – Mexican Fusion

We recently went for a mandatory trip at Athens (due to our master degree) and catch up with some friends. Since it’s rare for us to go out for dinner, they gave us a choice between Indian or Mexican restaurant . We ended up on the Indian one, for some tikka masala but they suggested it in a naan bread type of pita, like a burrito with vegetables and a yogurt-mint sauce to ease up the fire that we had upon consuming it. My lips were numb at on point and had lost some of my taste buds. They returned soon after but it was good. The naan was huge and could held all the ingredients inside.
So, I decided to make something similar, using a tortilla type pita. I found a doable, simple recipe online
2 cups ap flour, 3/4 cup tepid milk, 1 tsp salt and 2 tbsp butter. Mix them all to get a dough, (for some exciting reason, they were perfect in proportion, I used all the milk and was fine!) and I personally weigh in 8 equal pieces, to get 8 tortillas, the size of a large plate. I heat up my biggest non stick frying pan and I was opening one tortilla while the other was baking. They are baked very quickly and they stay limp !Once, i tried another recipe and I ended up with pitas that where stiff and were cracking if you tried to fold them .
I continued grilling with my chicken thighs. I had marinated them in mild curry sauce, onion powder, garlic powder and ginger powder. I drizzled some olive oil and left them all morning in the fridge. I grilled them and they were very juicy! I continued with cleaning and chopping carrots, cucumbers and green peppers julienne.
I chopped a tomato for my husband ( I hate them and I couldn’t touch them, but learned to for my baby boy) and some lettuce. As a sauce to combine them all I used plain Greek yogurt. They were delicious, although I have a few observations. I didn’t had any tikka masala spice mix, so it was a lot milder with only the curry spices. All those vegetables took the heat away and it wasn’t spicy at all. If you ate a bite of the chicken alone, it was spicy but as a whole, was pretty mild. This dish, doesn’t need any rice or potatoes to fill full. It’s pretty cheap and can be seen as fajitas for a dinner with friends, were everyone can make their own.
So, enjoy! No photos of the end result, cause my baby awoke in the middle of the preparations!